Wrongful Conviction to Death

Innocent man waiting for his execution: Anthony Porter free after 16 years in mini-cell



March 1999.Chicago David Protess, professor of journalism at Northwestern University and five students research facts about a murder that happened on August 15th, 1982 in Washington Park. They accomplish to help a man, who was on death  row. Within a short time they  interrogate `eyewitnesses´ from 16 years  ago.

With tears in his eyes Anthony Porter thanked the students for their help. Only two days before Porters properly execution, the students had talked to him and were sure that he was innocent. In the following days they started their research and detected shocking facts. The police had  threat the eyewitnesses, to arrest Porter who was one of the “usual suspects”. After those people had confesses this on TV, Simon R. made a confession. That August day, the murder happened,  Simon R. and Jerry Hillard had argued about money. He had only wanted to defend himself against Jerry Hillard. Shooting Marilyn Green, the second victim was “an accident”.With this case, the “auxiliary angels” opened the eyes of many people. In January, Govenor Ryan declared a moratorium. No longer executions without accurate research.




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